Welcome to the world of small metal art jewerly. My name is S.W. Jason Joo. I will get really excited to see all of you who visit my world.  Why don't you write some words for me. And I will be your good "Buddy"!

4/8/2012 02:38:41 pm

Beautiful art works!

S.W. Jason Joo
4/8/2012 03:56:41 pm

Thank you Elaine to visit my place!

6/26/2012 04:42:13 pm

Hi, Samchoon!
It was fantastic observing at the remarkable masterpieces that you carefully planned and created. It touched my heart how a mind can think so vast, so unique. The "Peaceful Bullets" is one of my favorites. You are so visionary and creative. I heard if you spin up the gun, music plays! WOW. Who knew?? I'd love to place that treasure on a stand in my house. That would certainly delightful to look at. Your jewelry such as the "Wings on the Shoulder" was very appealing and one of a kind. I never thought of a jewelry that hung on the shoulders/arms ever in my life. Kudos to you, my friend. I'm sadly not very imaginative in such cases, so no wonder I was so surprised at the works you've done. Keep up the spectacular work, and take care of yourself!!!


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